Finally Hunted It Down!

I finally got my hands on the copper tiered storage basket from Urban Outfitters!

I’ve been obsessed with it since I saw it in some of Zoella‘s vlogs on her YouTube channel and have felt a dark, deep urge to own it since.

What makes it even better is that I got it in the Urban Outfitters sale AND also got 20% student discount. This meant it was £36 including delivery from the original £80!!

I have no idea where I’m going to put it but have justified buying it as a feature for my house, (small problem in that I don’t own one yet or even rent, but I’ll get there) and of course the discount was a huge deciding factor. 

The plan is to use it as toiletry storage. While I don’t yet have a house to show it off proudly, here’s an image to give you an idea of how I plan to use it…


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