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My Honest Fenty Beauty Review

Like most of the internet this month, I was completely in awe of Fenty Beauty. The packaging is stunning and the extensive range of foundation colours available made me beyond excited that I could potentially find a colour match for my pale skin - hallelujah! I wanted so badly to love Fenty Beauty and posted … Continue reading My Honest Fenty Beauty Review

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New Summer Pieces

Summer fashion is a difficult one for me. Nicknamed Wednesday (from The Adams Family) due to my pale complexion, dark hair, love of the colour black and my bitch resting face - bright colours aren't usually my thing. That being said, I'm trying my hardest to inject my wardrobe with colourful, stand-out items - what … Continue reading New Summer Pieces

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The Advantages Of Working For A Start-Up Company After University

Finishing my Events Management and Digital Photography degree in 2015, I was left with "what next?". I had already done amazing internships with a Talent Management company and Festivals, I knew was that my next career move had to be a valuable experience. I was going for interviews with Law and Dental companies - very … Continue reading The Advantages Of Working For A Start-Up Company After University