clothes, fashion, wardrobe, summer

New Summer Pieces

Summer fashion is a difficult one for me. Nicknamed Wednesday (from The Adams Family) due to my pale complexion, dark hair, love of the colour black and my bitch resting face – bright colours aren’t usually my thing.

That being said, I’m trying my hardest to inject my wardrobe with colourful, stand-out items – what better time to do that than Summer?

clothes, fashion, wardrobe, summer


Ok, I mean, I still buy black clothes  – I can’t just give it up straight away! You might look at this outfit and be totally confused, who wears a Winter jacket in Summer?! People from England, that’s who. Here you can have a heatwave, rain and torrential winds all in one day, so yes, I did buy an aviator Winter coat from Zara that I will definitely wear more than once this season. Paired with a hat, also from Zara, to give the overall outfit a festival vibe.

Coat – Zara (you can find it here) | Hat – Zara (similar here) | Trousers – Topshop (here) | Bodysuit – InTheStyle

Shirt – Topshop (similar here) | Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters (similar here) | Flare Trousers – Topshop (here) |Leather Jacket – Zara (sold out)

Jumpsuit – Topshop (here) | Denim Jacket – Topshop (here)

Jacket – Zara (sold out) | Top – InTheStyle (here) | Trousers – Topshop (sold out) | Necklace – Topshop (here)

Jacket – Zara (sold out) | Bodysuit – Topshop (here) | Skirt – Topshop (similar here)


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