The 1975 // Malahide Castle


If you read My Favourite Live performances blog post, you may remember that I mentioned I was travelling to Dublin to see one of my favourite bands perform live. I also said to look out for the blog post afterwards, and well…here it is!

Myself and a couple of friends booked the tickets for The 1975’s Malahide Castle performance and decided to make a weekend of it (pictures here).


The weather was somehow on our side (for once!) with it being the hottest day of the month – an amazing 26º! Of course we weren’t prepared for it to reach those temperatures so our choice of outfits were very limited, which resulted in black trousers for some of us…


We also weren’t prepared for the festival setup of the day (everyone else had gotten the memo – bralets and glitter everywhere), the doors opened at 4pm and the space was filled with food & alcohol stands and portaloos.



Pale Wales were there first opening act of the afternoon, providing a chilled soundtrack to the perfect Summer heat. Irish band The Blizzards were also a special guest performance. I had actually never heard of The Blizzards so was a bit confused about why people were running, and occasionally diving over sitting groups, until I heard an Irish accent – then it all made sense!!


The 1975 were as amazing as ever and even played some of their songs that you generally don’t tend to hear at their gigs, including: “You”, “Menswear” and “Paris”.




The lighting and stage design was of their usual high standard, shame I’m only 5’3″ so struggled to comfortably watch everything that was going on – thank god for the two giant screens!




What surprised me was the complete eclectic mix of people that attended – all ages, genders and style. It was so nice to just watch everyone enjoy the performance, the weather and the cider (some more than others – they could have possibly been put off alcohol for life)!


I stand by what I said in my “Get To Know Me” blog post – GO AND SEE THEM LIVE!


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