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The Advantages Of Working For A Start-Up Company After University

Finishing my Events Management and Digital Photography degree in 2015, I was left with “what next?”. I had already done amazing internships with a Talent Management company and Festivals, I knew was that my next career move had to be a valuable experience. I was going for interviews with Law and Dental companies – very much corporate business, until I came across an advertisement for an Events Coordinator within a start-up company: Launch22. Here’s my 5 reasons why working for a start-up company has been the perfect bridge between University and the working world.


1. You’re helping put ideas and visuals into action – embrace it and get stuck in!


Joining Launch22’s Liverpool office from its beginning meant that I was involved, not only in spreading the word about the space, but also getting the space ready. This meant working out of hours – on weekends and bank holidays, putting together countless chairs, lime waxing desks and planting a “living wall” – I could add gardener to my CV without a doubt. All the time and effort given by all of the team was worth it to be able to see how the space evolved from inception to its present.



2. You will meet valuable people


Working within such a small team means that you will be introduced to and get to know about 80% of the people that come through the door – people will start to recognise your face. This obviously generates multiple contacts of interesting people from all walks of life that may be able to help you, if not directly, they could potentially help build your network in the future.


3. You will get more freedom than any other entry level job

While at Launch22, I was given a practical, “hands on” job description. I filled their empty calendar and helped to plan and implement the office’s biggest event so far – it’s launch party! Far from the admin role I would have had within any other events job. 

4. You are 100% accountable


With freedom comes responsibility. Having such a small team means each individual is responsible for their own specific area of business. You’re policing your own time, making sure you are getting things done and showing results – there is no hiding. 



5. You will learn to adapt


The other aspect of working within a small start-up is that you will learn and take on other roles and responsibilities as and when needed. This works two ways – you learn when to admit you’ve taken on too much and need help.


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