Let’s Go // Hong Kong


I recently bit the bullet and went on my first International trip alone! One of my stops along the ways was Hong Kong. 

I have to admit that I had never had a strong desire to visit Hong Kong but used it as a few days stopover to break up my flights – it also helped that one of my friends lives over there so I could spend some time with her too. 

~ Getting Around ~

I spent my time staying with my friend in the Sai Ying Pun district, about 15 minutes from Hong Kong Central, but the MTR (Mass Transit Railway, basically Hong Kong’s version of the Tube) was easy for even me – someone who finds the London Tube mind-boggling. The fact that it was so simple to get around meant that I was comfortable exploring parts of Hong Kong on my own and even visit multiple districts in just a few hours! 


~ Temple St Night Market ~

Temple St Market was exactly that – a market. There wasn’t anything there that was really worth seeing. Most of the stalls sold the same thing, think your generic fridge magnets and keyrings, but I would (surprisingly) say to go and see it if you have a bit of free time in the evening. The market opens about 6pm every night and stays open until around 11pm.  


~ Disneyland Hong Kong ~

In all my 24 years on this Earth I had never visited a Disney park, so of course I couldn’t leave Hong Kong without going to their Disneyland! I had an amazing day there. Obviously I had to go all out and buy some Minnie Mouse ears – have you even been to Disneyland if you don’t?!



~ Nian Lian Garden ~

Hong Kong itself is a hybrid of everything you could possibly want in one city – beaches, skyscrapers, amusement parks, massive shopping centres and parks. Nian Lian Garden is so beautiful! It’s placed right in the centre of massive buildings and traffic but as soon as you step over the entrance you completely forget about all of that – there’s also plenty of wildlife in the garden. 


This is just a very quick round-up of some of the places I visited while in Hong Kong. It’s definitely one to check out even like I did – use it as a stopover for a few days. There are some things I didn’t get to see in the short space of time that I was there (going up to Victoria Peak while it was clear being one of them), so I will be going back at some point to tick those things off my list. 



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