April Payday Wishlist

I am never consistent with my money – either I spend it all on items that I probably don’t need (that’s the only time I’ll admit that) or I can live off a couple of hundred pounds and save the rest! This month I can feel a splurge coming on…

This month I got paid while I was on holiday and have already spent a good chunk of my money, but I NEED (this might be an exaggeration) these:

The Vanish Seamless Foundation by Hourglass – pretty much every beauty blogger has been raving about this stick foundation, mainly for its coverage and longevity. I really struggle to find a foundation that stays all day without sliding off my face and the parts that do remain looking oily, so this is really appealing to me. However, it’s way beyond how much I would normally spend on foundation (it’s £42!) but curiosity is getting the best of me…I might just have to try it myself.

This fringed blazer from Zara is just goals! Perfect for day to night and would be such a good statement piece for the festival season.

Another piece from Zara I need is this blazer and trouser combo. I don’t think I need to say anything about this – just look at it!

How amazing are these PJs from ASOS?! I’d happily wear these out during the day, they’re just that nice!


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