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Disastrous Baking & Fancy Food // Mother’s Day


So, it was Mother’s Day yesterday and I decided to do something a bit more special than just getting my Mum a card and gracing her with my presence (how could I possibly top that?!).

Flowers. Food. Cake. That’s how I could top it!




Flowers have literally taken over the house. Nobody can get flowers wrong, the cake on the other hand…



I seriously lack the patience needed to properly execute cakes. I get stressed, annoyed and just want it to be finished – and that’s just finding the ingredients! Don’t get me wrong they taste good, they just look like a five year old has made it (that’s probably insulting to five year olds)! This was an elderflower and lime drizzle cake, with a tiny base and dodgy looking layers. I got daughter points though!



We finished the day by eating in Jamie’s restaurant. This was the first time any of us had eaten here and we weren’t disappointed! The food was incredible and reasonably priced which surprised me (less than £30 each for a main, dessert and drinks) – I expected astronomical prices from a well known chef – nice one, Jamie!


I have officially set the bar high for next Mother’s Day (and also Father’s Day)!

But in all seriousness, Happy Mother’s Day to a fabulous Mum – I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without your love and guidance. Love you Smother xx



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