Get To Know Me…

It’s about time I properly introduced myself! Here’s 15 Q&As all about me…

1. Full Name:

Sophie Marie Greatbanks

2. Zodiac Sign:

I’m a typical Pisces through and through – compassionate, artistic, fearful – bit of an introvert. I’m not a huge believer of astrology but I do like to have a read of my stars for the week in the hope that something magical may happen.

3. Any Phobias?

I’m completely terrified of birds, every single form of them – seagulls, chickens, swans- if it’s got a beak and wings it’s a massive no-go for me. My parents are convinced my fear steams from the time a swan waddled up to my pushchair and stole my sandwich out of my small, innocent hands – they’re evil, end of.

4. Three Items I Love:

My Macbook, my iPhone and my bed – typical answers from a 24 year old…

5. My Best Friend:

As much as I try to fight it, my Mum is my best friend. If she ever reads this she’ll never leave me alone but she’s one of the few people I can fully rely on. We can be ripping each other’s heads off but she’ll still be there half an hour later to help me out with anything, nothing’s too big for this woman.

6. How Many Tattoos/Piercings Do I Have:

I have one tattoo, my ear lobes and my helix pierced. I also used to have my nose pierced but it had to come out – I miss it!!

7. My Favourite Film:

This is difficult for me to answer, can I have a top three? My three would be – PS I Love You, The Butterfly Effect and Step Brothers.

8. My Favourite Band:

I’m obsessed with The 1975 at the minute, every single song is incredibly written and produced. They’re also amazing live, if you haven’t seen them – DO IT! Thank me later.

9. Where I Work:

I work for an Events Production Agency who specialise in internal communications for (mainly) corporate companies.

10. My Favourite Shop:

My favourite shop online is probably ASOS for the variety but my favourite high-street shop would be Zara or Primark.

11. My Favourite Brand Of MakeUp:

At the minute, my favourite is NYX – reasonably priced and I’m living for their liquid lipsticks.

12. My Favourite Perfume:

Marc Jacobs Daisy, Eau So Fresh is by far my favourite perfume! It’s super girlie (it actually smells a bit like parma violet sweets) but not too overpowering and lasts all day.

13. Heels Or Flats:

I’m quite a small human. I’m 5’3 so heels are pretty much standard attire for me on a night out, but during the day I’m all about comfort so spend 80% of my time in flats.

14. If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would You Live?

There’s a lot of cities that I would love to live in for a short while (London, Paris, LA, etc.) but when I eventually settle down, I would love to live in a little village a short distance from a city.

15. A Picture Of You:




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